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Paul VK4APN has sent me some plans for for a 2m and 70cm LP

In this exceptionally well-made video tutorial, Julien (OH8STN) takes us step-by-step through the design, construction, testing, and use of a one or three element quad antenna for UHF (70cm). The construction is straightforward and should not present any problems as you complete this useful antenna for your shack or portable use. For …Northeast PA. Apr 30, 2020. #8. As with the Diamond SG7500 the OP is considering, the NR770HB is also a mobile antenna, and will not do well without a ground plane. The suggested Dr Fong DBJ-1 is about 1.6 meters long, but has similar gain to the Nagoya antenna the OP is using now and WITHOUT needing a ground plane.Antenna, 2m/1.25m/70cm Bands, 144/220/440MHz, Power Handling 85W for 2m, 50W for 220/440 MHz, 7.5 in. Height, NMO Mount, Each. Part Number: CAN-2M-220-440. 4.42 out of 5 stars. Estimated Ship Date: May 28, 2024 if ordered today. Free Shipping; Multiple Images; Video

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I need plans and specifications for this build with respect to the below frequencies. I'm not really interested in the 1/2" copper pipe build but would prefer solid round aluminum, copper stock or perhaps plated 5/8" grounding rod. Transmit Power 50W. * Receive (RX) Frequency Range: 136-174.995 MHz VHF.A ground plane antenna for 2m or 70cm is one of the simplest antennas to build and get working, and it can work quite well for repeater or simplex operation. It is easy to build for other bands as well. ... Using junction blocks to build the hub of a VHF ground plane antenna. The individual metal pieces are removed from the nylon housing and ...Dipole Antenna Calculator. How to build a 2-meter cubical quad antenna. Tri-Band Fan Vertical for 40-80-160 meters. My 5-band attic antenna for Ham Radio. Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop Antenna. DP200 7-54 MHz 500w Portable Dipole HF Antenna. High Quality Dual Band Antenna for on-the-go ops. Ham Radio: The Coat Hanger Antenna 2m/70cm dipole. Ham Radio ...This is post 2385 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas. If you want a basic two-element curtain array, try this "Lazy H" antenna from Hiram Vazquez. The "classic Lazy H Antenna" consists of two horizontally-polarized dipole elements which, under excellent conditions, can deliver up to 3.42 dBd over a standard dipole antenna.Now its time to add the additional elements to the top and bottom of the collinear array. First add a ¼ wave element to the top of the antenna as shown in Figure 3. Use #16 solid wire or similar and solder it to the center conductor only. The length of the ¼ wave element is calculated as follows: 1/4 wavelength radiator = 300 / F / 4.To make it more durable, I decided this time, I would build the antenna from a piece of wood for the backbone, and with copper pipe for the elements as it is easy to cut. A trip to my local Bunnings, and I had left with: Porta 40 x 18mm 1.2m Pine DAR Clear Solid AU$7.58. Porta 12mm x 0.9m Clear Pine Dowel AU$2.45.Sep 24, 2020 · This time I found an old fence wire, a piece of wood, and decided to make a yagi antenna. I already made an antenna like this a few years ago. Very simple. T...Here are some of Mike's comments: "The construction of a shop purchased, ZL Special 7 element Yagi antenna for the HAM Radio 2M band. This no frills antenna boasts a 11.5 DBd Gain, is simple to build and works straight out of the box (once put together). Great bit of kit at a good price. Brilliant :) Please subscribe..Keyword Research: People who searched homemade ham antenna 2m 70cm also searchedThe SWR on 2m is 1.6 @ 144mhz and 2.2 @ 148 mhz following your measurements. Although I can not get anything out of the 70cm side. There is a repeater I can open with a HT with a rubber ducky antenna standing at the antenna location but it will not open it up through the antenna.. I do not have the equipment to check the SWR @ 70cm though.Mounted to the horizontal cross piece with 2 U clamps, long legged muffler type clamps. Top of antenna is about one inch below the ridge beam. Bottom of antenna is approx 25 feet above ground level. Using 400 flex type cable (ABR brand from HRO). Just try to keep it away from any metal, vents wiring etc.Dualband Antenna's. 2×4 2m/70cm Compact Satt Comm Antenna; 2×3 2m/70cm Cross Yagi - compact build; Build 3 x 5 2m/70cm Cross Yagi 145-435Mhz; Build the 3 x 5 Elements 2m/70cm Yagi; VHF antenna's. 2 Elements Yagi 144Mhz; 7 Elements Yagi for 146Mhz band build; 2 Elements Yagi build for 107Mhz FM Band; Build the 5 Elements 2m VHF YagiIf you don't mind shifting your DIY attention to a home-brew 6m/10m vertical (perhaps a trap implementation), you might look at a triplexer like this that gives: low pass at <90 MHz for 10/6m; mid pass at 130-200 MHz for 2m; hi pass at 380-500 MHz for 70cm

The Diamond X-5000 is a fixed station vertical antenna designed for use on the 2m, 70cm, and 23cm amateur radio bands. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, this antenna offers excellent performance and durability. Whether you are a seasoned ham radio operator or just starting, the Diamond X-5000 is a reliable choice for your communication …Here’s a small 2m / 70cm diplexer that is good for up to 10W of power, perfect for working satellites with a HT. The design comes from KI0AG and was originally published in the November-December 1997 AMSAT Journal. It consists of two Chebyshev low-pass / high-pass filters designed for the 2m and 70cm Amateur Radio bands.This set me back about 50 euro cents per 2 meter (which means about 0.65 USD for 6.6 feet). I needed 50 cm of pipe in this antenna (2 times 25 cm). Next to this I used 70cm of speaker wire I had laying around and a few tie raps to strap it all together. I checked the SWR with the build in SWR meter of my FT-817. It was all 1:1.1 so perfect!The antenna length formulas used in our dipole length calculator are as follows: L = 468 / f. l = L / 2. where: L — the length of the total dipole antenna in feet (ft); l — the length of the arm of the dipole antenna in feet (ft); and. f — the desired frequency. We also used the simple wavelength formula: Wavelength = c / f.

Mar 27, 2016 · N6TWW. 2 Meter Halo Antenna project by Mike Fedler with many detailed pictues and detailes homebrewing instructions so you can build your own. This is a series of videos showing how to build an Omni directional horizontally polarized antenna for 2 meter single side band operation. This antenna is called a 'Halo Antenna' due to its circular shape.I mounted a Diamond antenna on my 451 for 2 meter/70 cm on the front bumper using the (painted) tow eyehook. The Diamond antenna doesn't need a ground but in this case the metal bumper provides it. The mount itself is a piece of steel blowtorched into 90-degree submission, with a 5/8" hole for the double-ended SO-239 and 11/16th for the tow bolt.I need something I can make at home. I have already made a really good 2m omidirectional antenna where I can hear hand from around 100-150k from me. I just need either a diy Yagi design or some telescopic design. Or another I'd anyone else recommends something else.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Dualband Antenna’s. 2×4 2m/70cm Compact Sa. Possible cause: 70cm Yagis are easy and compact to build using PVC pipes and welding rods. 2m Ya.

Adjust the tuning screw for maximum reading on the 415 meter. Remove the cavity and connect point X to Y. Set the signal generator to the repeater output frequency and adjust the 415 for a 0 reading on the 20 dB scale. Reinsert the cavity between X and Y and adjust the cavity tuning for minimum reading on the 415.So I built a simple flower pot antenna from PVC pipe and coax. My First Antenna - A Dual Band (2m / 70cm) Flower Pot Antenna. I've bought a few whips for my HTs and thought it was about time I made an antenna of my own. Obviously, the place to start was a dual band UHF / VHF antenna. Design. I picked the flower pot antenna based off the designs ...

The large square with 28 cm edge length covers the 2m band in the frequency range of 140 - 150 MHz, the smaller one allows operation on 70cm from 400 - 470 MHz. The signal direction corresponds to the open side of the loop element. The 50 ohm supply with up to 800 watts is provided by a PL/SO239 connector.Here i present the measured SWR of the antenna. As you can see, the impedance of the antenna is very well matched to a 50 ohm system. Between 144 MHz and 146 MHz, antenna has an SWR less than 1.2 . For an SWR of 2, the antenna has a bandwidth from 138 MHz to 151 MHz which is a pretty good result. F4HWK

Build it yourself a Dipole for 2M/70CM - Got time 26 Feb 2022 ... Here are the dimensions for the VHF/UHF ... The only downside to building your own antenna is that you ... This is slightly below the 70cm amateur ... DIY 2m 70cm Rollable J Pole Antenna; Yet Another 10 MeMOXON Antenna Project website authoring responsibilities transferr Set the antenna aside for now. The tune up procedure, if even needed, will be addressed later. Make a 4″ X 4″ X 1/8″ plate of aluminum for your boom to mast plate. Mount four appropriate size "U" bolts and saddles on the four edges of the plate. Mount the boom to mast plate at the center of the boom. A coaxial Collinear antenna for 2m and 70cm mostly ma Although Varney envisioned his design primarily as a 3/2 wavelength antenna for the 20 meter Amateur Radio band, radio amateurs have used the antenna for multiband use. The G5RV is an excellent choice for the 20 meter band.Step 2: Design. A: 275.7mm. B: 746.2mm. C: 103.7mm. D: 29.8mm. E: 142.2mm. The construction itself is very simple; measure and cut all pieces to length, sand down the ends lighty to remove any burr, apply solvent and pressure fit. It is worth doing a dry run to make sure all measurements meet above figures before gluing and you may find the ... For completeness this is not the only DIY tape measure Yagi on DIY 2M Ground Plane Antenna. October 18, 2021. DIY 2M Ground PlaAbout Mobile Dual-Band 2m/440 -- Roger K6XQ advises-Can 10000+ "70 cm antenna" printable 3D Models. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. ... Tags 2m or 70cm Ground Plane Antenna Bracket , , , , , Download: for sale Website: Cults. add to list ... Tags DIY Parts 2 70 Yagi antenna design , , , Download: free Website: Thingiverse. add to list Tags 2m 70 mobile ...MFJ Pulsar VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas MFJ-1538. Antenna, Vertical, VHF/UHF Base, 70 cm, 1.25 m, 2 m, 6 m, 200 W, Fiberglass/Aluminum, 8.2 ft. Height, Each. Find VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas 2 meters Band Coverage and get Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering! The Connect at measurement is 1 1/2 inches from the top of t On most of the J Pole designs out there, a choke should be used as close to the feedpoint of the antenna as possible to help prevent rf on the feedline and creating difficulty with SWR readings. For 2 meters, the coil is 4 turns of coax at 5 inches in diameter. You should get good results with the choke within 3 or 4 inches of the feedpoint on ...You can actually make a good 2m/70cm antenna that way by using a 2 m dipole and a close spaced 70 cm 1/2 wave element, or two 70 cm 1/2 wave elements one on each side of the 2 m dipole. The radiation pattern on 70 cm will be similar to 3 1/2 wave collinear array and will have around 3 dBd gain. Slim-Jim Antenna 2m / 70cm This antenna is has a special nam[To construct the antenna, first select a sSome simple portable antennas for 10 & 6 metres. Super si Simple Wideband Yagi's for 2m and 70cm - Errata and extra pictures. ... I actually simply used a standard TV antenna U bolt with a couple of holes drilled through the boom at a convenient spot. In particular I found which two elements the balance point was between and then put the clamp in the middle between those two elements. ...